Ole John Povlsen

Founder of Ole John Film, producer, director and cinematographer, born 1939 in Copenhagen. Danish Film Academy Honorary Award recipient 2009.

Trained as a portrait photographer and graduate cinematographer from The National Film School of Denmark. Post-graduated from EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) and Cass Film Business School in London.

Assistant professor at Arts Academy of Düsseldorf, Germany 1971-76, head of the Danish Film Workshop 1977-84, chairman of the Danish Producers Association and on the board of the Danish Film Institute 1987-91, Director of New Danish Screen 1994-98, Head of the Producers Program 1989-94 and 1998-2008, Deputy Director of The National Film School of Denmark 2004-12 and Co-developed and Project Manager of Copenhagen Film Mentor 2009-12.

He has lectured at The Norwegian Film School, The London Film School, Beijing Film Academy and The German Film and Television Academy in Berlin.

Throughout his career, Ole John has been focused on the development of new talent in Danish film.

He has produced a large number of documentaries and short films for Danish TV and a number of experimental films in co-operation with the Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth and the German artist Joseph Beuys.